This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

SVG Logo and Text Effects


SVG Logo and Text Effects (or SLATE for short)
is a WordPress plugin by dashed-slug
that helps you produce visually stunning text effects using
SVG shortcodes.

Use it to reinforce a brand identity, visually enhance your calls-to-action, or simply be more artistic,
with SVG text that you can edit at any time.
All this, without the need to resort to any image-editing software.

You can mix and match fonts, colors, fill patterns, and filters
to create unique text effects that draw attention to your content.

easy SVG text

Use shortcodes to insert fancy, eye catching, editable and SEO-friendly text into your posts, pages or custom content.


Out of the box, SVG Logo and Title Effects comes with Google fonts support. You may extend your font library with font files that you install yourself.

fill patterns

Letters are filled with a fill pattern of your choice. Fill patterns have parameters. Control various sizes, distances and colors to produce unique variations, or let the defaults work for you.

filter effects

Easily pass your SVG text through filter effects such as the built-in glow and drop shadow effects, or any other filter that you install via plugins.


Save time and use ready-made presets to style your SVG text. Then you can tweak the text settings to your liking.


Download or create plugins that let you use additional fonts, vector shapes, filter effects, fill patterns, and presets.


SVG text that has already been rendered once is subsequently loaded from a DB cache, for maximal performance. No compromises on page load speed!

safe fallbacks

Old browsers that don’t support SVG rendering will fallback to the closest HTML equivalent. Your text will be displayed no matter what!


Every release comes with PDF documents covering more than you will ever want to know about this plugin.

To get the documentation, navigate to the dashed-slug download area
and make sure to get the bundle release.

registered member? enjoy extra features!

  • More Shapes extension:
    Extends the WordPress SLATE plugin to add more SVG shapes. Shapes are essentially SVG templates that allow more complex text effects.
  • WPBakery Page Builder Integration extension:
    If you have WPBakery Page Builder
    from wpbakery installed, you can avoid writing shortcodes altogether. Tweak your SVG text via a friendly graphical interface when you install VC integration.
  • Site & Page Titles Replacement extension:
    With most themes you will be able to easily apply SVG text effects to the site title or the page/post titles when you install this plugin.
  • Raster Fallbacks extension:
    Don’t settle for HTML fallback in legacy browsers. When you install this plugin, your SVG text is automatically rendered to cached PNG image fallbacks. Fallbacks are shown whenever SVG cannot be rendered for any reason.

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This is a free plugin.

If you wish, you may show your support by donating.

Donating helps the dashed-slug to design, develop, test, release and support more quality WordPress plugins.

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  • SVG text shortcode example – Entering the shortcode shown to the left, renders the text shown to the right.


The installation instructions for this plugin are the same as for any WordPress plugin.

For more information on installing plugins, you can also consult the
relevant WordPress documentation.

What follows is step-by-step instructions:

Installation instructions

  1. Make sure that you have at least WordPress version 3.9 installed, and that you are running on at least PHP 5.3.
  2. Log in to your WordPress site as Administrator.
    Your account will need to have the necessary permissions to install plugins.
  3. Navigate to the Plugins page, found on the menu on the left.
  4. Click on the Add Plugin button.
    If you cannot find the Add Plugin button, you might have a Multisite (aka Network) WordPress installation.
    If that is the case, navigate to
    My SitesNetwork AdminPlugins. The My Sites menu is located at the top left of the screen.
  5. Once on the Add Plugins page, click on the Upload Plugin button.
  6. Click Browse.
  7. Locate the following file on your computer:
  8. Click Install Now. You should get the message Plugin installed successfully.
  9. Click on Activate, (or Network Activate if you have a multisite installation).

You should now be ready to use SVG Logo and Text Effects.

Configure settings (optional)

To visit the plugin’s settings page, navigate to SettingsSVG Logo and Text Effects.


Will it work in all browsers?

Most modern browsers have support for SVG.
For the ones that don’t an HTML fallback of your text is displayed.
SVG compatibility is determined on the client-side via JavaScript.
If JavaScript is disabled and SVG is unavailable, an HTML fallback is displayed.

Visit the dashed-slug
to get an extension that gives you raster (.png) fallbacks.

Will it slow down my pages?

No, SVG code is cached server-side after it is computed, so you should not see any noticeable performance hit.

Will I be able to figure out how to use it?

Using SVG Logo and Text Effects is as easy as inserting shortcodes into your posts.

You can start by copy-pasting some of the
online examples.

If you’re the RTFM type of person, you can download the complete,
FREE PDF documentation from the dashed-slug website.
Simply pick the SLATE bundle download from the downloads section.

What fonts can I use?

Out-of-the-box you can use the Google fonts.
Read the PDF documentation for instructions on how to import any font file.

How can I get support or submit feedback?

Please use the support forum here on
for all issues and inquiries regarding this plugin.

Use the dashed-slug ticket system
for support on the premium extensions of this plugin.

For all other communication, please use


June 2, 2017
Free —- PRO- works in 4.7.5 PRO- Light weight no media slot taken, so reducing media. PRO- Text customisable in editor CON- difficult to use, requires registration and reading documation CON- isn’t responsive, so is not good for mobile use. Premium ——- PRO- Looks easy to use in visual composer CON- Premium requires visual composer. CON- Recuring subscription My main issue with this plugin on testing is appeared not to be responsive to browser resizing.
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Contributors & Developers

“SVG Logo and Text Effects” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Change: Mentions of Visual Composer changed to WPBakery Page Builder.


  • NEW: Shapes are now responsible for assigning the filters and fills to any part of the graphic area. Allows for more shapes.
  • NEW: Shadow shape. Create text with patterned shadows.
  • Fix: Shadow filter xoff and yoff are now integers


  • Fix: Prevent direct execution on all PHP
  • Add: Video tutorial available in readme and dashboard area
  • Fix&Add: Improvements in readme


  • Fix: Shortcode function was returning false on error
  • Fix: Remove newlines from example shortcode
  • Example shortcode now auto-selectable


  • Less spammy popups. Now only shown in plugin’s settings page (unless dismissed).


  • Added multi-line support (linebreaks were ignored before)
  • More robust HTML transformation to SVG


  • Fixing minor issue with notification logic
  • Indicating that the plugin is tested for 4.7


  • Better handling of the customizer SVG bug, now that we know 4.7 will fix it
  • Better instructions in dashboard widget area
  • Added notices for available extensions


  • Better adherence to HTML coding standards
  • Added support for slate-raster to write alt attributes to img tags
  • Removing version comments from minified assets to reduce SVN overhead


  • Fixed issue with missing Zend tokenizer (token_get_all() undefined )
  • Changed icon


  • Added TinyMCE button to insert SVG shortcode presets.


  • Added GPL text to main PHP file.
  • Uninstall script now removes options from DB.


  • Shortcodes
  • Google fonts
  • HTML fallbacks
  • Caching