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This plugin is for church wordpress sites and has an smartphone app too – it adds an easy to use address directory and you can email and sms different groups of people.
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Compatible with Elementor and provides Elementor widgets, tested to v3.21.4

  • Church Membership database
  • Integrate newcomers with customisable registration form and follow up flows
  • Customisable Church Directory with full privacy settings.
  • BASIC Version
  • Adds sermon podcasting and the calendar
  • STANDARD VERSION – free 28 day trial.
  • Adds…
  • Communication tools – SMS, Email and push notifications (premium)
  • Event ticketing – for logged in users and others, with account setup if the customer wants
  • Small Groups – add, edit and delete
  • Members – add, edit and delete
  • Email- send an email to members, parents or small group leaders. Now has a template – make sure you update your settings to include Facebook page and twitter if you use them!
  • PDF Mailing labels
  • SMS – send bulk sms to members using Twilio (with reply handling), TextMagic or
  • Sunday Rota/Schedules – create and show rotas for your volunteers.
  • Kidswork – automatically sort children into their age groups, with manual override
  • Attendance tracking
  • Ministries – people can have different ministries they are involved in and be sent SMS or email by role, other functions coming soon.
  • Google map integrations for small groups and directories
  • Calendar – month to view, agenda view and nth day recurring events (eg 3rd Sunday)
  • Facilities – manage facilities like rooms and equipment and their bookings.
  • The calendar now includes that most powerful of planning tools – the year planner!
  • Volunteers – church members can volunteer online and be approved/decline by team leaders.
  • Simple pre-booking places for services during the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Adds…
  • Our Church app subscription for your church. Free install on iOS and Android via
  • Online giving via PayPal/Stripe for premium version (including Gift Aid for UK churches)
  • Paid ticketing
  • Pastoral Visitation module
  • Logged in users can indicate serving availablilty, to ease scheduling.


  • Address list display
  • Sermon podcasting display
  • Calendar display
  • Rota / Schedule display


This plugin provides 32 blocks.

  • Church Admin Event Booking
  • Church Admin Sermon Series
  • Church Admin Sermon Podcast
  • Church Admin Sermons (new style)
  • Church Admin Basic Register
  • Church Admin Register
  • Church Admin Schedule
  • Church Admin Small Groups
  • Church Admin Small Groups Sign Up
  • Church Admin Small Group Members
  • Church Admin Address List
  • Church Admin Serving Request
  • Church Admin Sessions
  • Church Admin Recent Directory activity
  • Church Admin Calendar
  • Church Admin Calendar List
  • Church Admin Custom Fields display
  • Church Admin Video Embed
  • Church Admin Ministries
  • Church Admin My Rota
  • Church Admin Attendance
  • Church Admin Giving
  • Church Admin Pledges
  • Church Admin Volunteer
  • Church Admin Contact form
  • Church Admin Graph
  • Church Admin Anniversaries
  • Church Admin Birthdays
  • Church Admin Member Map
  • Church Admin Spiritual gifts
  • Church Admin user not available to serve
  • Church Admin Service Booking


  1. Upload the church_admin directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Place [church_admin type=address-list member_type_id=# map=1 photo=1] on the page you want the address book displayed, member_type=1 for members, map=1 toshow map for geocoded addresses. The member_type_id can be comma separated e.g. member_type_id=1,2,3
  4. Place [church_admin type=small-groups-list] on the page you want the small group list displayed
  5. Place [church_admin type=small-groups ] on the page you want the list of small groups and their members displayed
  6. Place [church_admin type=rota] on the page you want the rota displayed
  7. Place [church_admin type=calendar category=# weeks=#] on the page you want a page per month calendar displayed
  8. Place [church_admin type=calendar-list] on the page you want a agenda view calendar – option category and weeks options pastable from category admin page
  9. There is a calendar widget with customisable title, how many events you want to show and an option for it to look like a post-it note
  10. Place [church_admin_map member_type_id=#] to show a map of colour coded small groups – need to set a service venue first to centre map and geolocate member’s addresses by editing them.
    We recommend password protecting the pages – if it is password protected, a link is provided to logout
    The # should be replaced with which member types you want displayed as a comma separated list e.g. member_type=1,2


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Where do I report security bugs found in this plugin?

You can report any security bugs found in the source code of the site-reviews plugin through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team will assist you with verification, CVE assignment and take care of notifying the developers of this plugin.


January 24, 2023
I am just starting to tap this plugin’s capabilities for our church. The more I learn about it, the more impressed I become. It quickly became obvious that Andy isn’t just a software developer, but also someone who truly understands the needs of a church organization with regard to creating a web presence. But what impresses me most is Andy’s responsiveness in supporting his plugin users. For example last night before I went to bed, I sent an email to Andy noting a formatting issue with the member registration form, and by the time I got home from work this evening, Andy had put out a new update that resolves the problem. That’s only one of several issues he’s quickly helped me out with. Those other issues were my own user problems not issues with the plugin code. Andy and this plugin are responsive to the nth degree. Love it.
October 21, 2022
WP-Church Admin This is a great ministry providing tools to help administer small to medium size church at no cost (aside from a one-time fee if you would like to also include the Mobile App) The author continues to improve and enhance the features and functionality and is open to suggestions to improve it even further. I can’t recommend the plugin highly enough and am thankful to Our Lord for providing such a dedicated working in Andy Moyle (the author) for the blessing this is to the church.
August 13, 2021 2 replies
I am afraid I cannot see where all the good reviews are coming from. Simply activating this plugin reduces your page speed by at least 60%. The use of tables and frames makes styling difficult.
August 9, 2020
This plugin is simply amazing and is constantly getting updates/improvements. Having tried pretty much every other option out there, I can tell you that the plugin has everything you might need – without the crazy prices or security concerns that seem to come with other developer offerings. Until I found “Church Admin”, the other plugins I tried either had some shady code embedded or they were unbelievably out of our price range. This one is highly customizable with fantastic development support. Sign up for the Andriod/IOS app to support the developer! You will not be disappointed.
June 7, 2019
We were looking for something more than just using a sermon browser plugin to post our latest talks at church. Andy Moyle has created a fantastic all in one product that serves the majority of backend church administration. From displaying your latest sermons to having a fully fledged member directory this is my favourite of all plugins I’ve ever used. Great support from Andy and regular updates.
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  • Fix move household member type
  • Fix move member type people to different member type


  • Add no index and no follow headers to all downloads in the plugin
  • Added a setting to SMS schedule to add text at the end of the message
  • Fix specified series_id in old style sermon podcast


  • New Sermon podcast share fixes and improvements


  • Fix schedule overrides send now
  • Fix [NAME] uses wrong first name on


  • Sermon chain link icon now copies sermon link to clipboard
  • Send email schedule for future date fixed
  • Email send – add [NAME] shortcode to message text to be replaced by first name.
  • Calendar category text color automatically changes between black or white depending on background color
  • Fix apple podcasts logo on old style podcasts shortcode/block.


  • Fix not available database bug
  • Graceful error messages for app schedule


  • Database changes to ensure compatability with Elementor
  • Better QR code formation
  • Schedule form fields not populated with “Click to enter” value


  • Calendar and Calendar list only show events where Show on General calendar is checked (ignored where facility is specified)
  • Add edit individual attendance
  • Improve graph module
  • Yet more debuging added to sermon podcast uploading
  • nofollow attribute added to download links


  • Itunes badge replaced with Apple Podcasts
  • Fix vulnerability with Video Embed Glutenberg block
  • Front end register, block attempts to delete different households


  • Debugging for sermon uploads amended


  • Add delete all calendar events link


  • Security tokens added to emailed links for admins.
  • Sermon uploads warning when attempting to upload a file that is too big.


  • “Check them out” links fixed
  • Approve and decline volunteer links fixed


  • MailChimp removed from plugin
  • Elementor widgets added
  • Fix current data not added to text field when click schedule rota item
  • Fix Address List PDF form in admin area
  • Fix edit service admin links and service save bugs


  • Use correct default email/from name on email send form.
  • Add nonce to admin new household “Check them out” link
  • Conditional multisie upload directory check only if not already done by another plugin or theme.


  • Event ticket checking
  • Tidy up edit ticket form
  • Fix PHP 8.0 deprecation warnings


  • Fix sermon plays not updating


  • Volunteer approve/decline links have nonce security added (links last 12 hours)


  • Auto Schedule SMS link fixed


  • Remove unused Hope team code
  • Fix import CSV bug


  • Add in Kiosk App section for upcoming kiosk registrations and ticket check in app.
  • Remove download link for debug log for security
  • Add security nonces to pastoral visitation module
  • Optimise database table install function for newer mysql and mariadb compatability


  • Fix people database table for some sites where front end register not working
  • Site id option selection fixed for front end register
  • Fix issue where sermon-series is specified in old style sermon shortcode/block
  • Fix issues where series slug not saved in some instances preventing series search
  • Fix sermon series entries missing a series slug


  • Fix custom fields bug on admin people edit
  • Fix household custom field filter not selecting people


  • Email send filter changes show which emails will receive the email.
  • Fix filter for household custom fields


  • Event ticketing add ticket bug fixed


  • Further improvement to filter for checkbox


  • Add checkbox, radio and select people custom fields to the filter (add from choose filter in settings)
  • Attendance admin links fixed
  • Edit small group links fixed


  • Fixed Giving date not showing on Giving table


  • Increase number of options for custom fields
  • Fix photo permissions PDF error


  • Correct email method showing after update
  • Clicking Schedule edit bug fixed


  • Fix front end register edit address adding slashes to apostrophes
  • Full privacy form show flag now working for front end register shortcode and block


  • Longer form SMS messaging allowed, shows how many SMS credits per cell number
  • Edit schedule job invalid link fix


  • Email schedule fixed


  • Calendar next/previous buttons added nonce


  • Fix schedule settings link expired


  • Fix save service
  • Updated nonces for Ajax calls


  • Close XSS vulnerability in Bible readings Bible passage by authenticated author, contributor


  • Pagination link fixed
  • Sermon edit where no series set fixed


  • App sermon audio fix


  • Pastoral visitation settings defaults added.
  • Individual attendance form tidy up
  • Email send bug fixed (when not using Mailersend)


  • Payment gateway settings tweak


  • App account editing disabled option in App settings
  • add calendar link expired fixed


  • Multisite correct links for sermon podcast
  • Display household link fixed
  • Fix email schedule bug
  • Fix add/edit small group


  • Further nonce adjustments for security
  • Ticket booking PDF fix


  • Fix address list in admin area bug
  • Admin area media links protected with nonces


  • Pastoral visitation module bug fix


  • Fixed address list not showing if there’s no site_id on some sites.
  • Removed attachments from email for security
  • Fixed small group PDF throwing an error if no day set for meeting
  • Added security nonces to links and forms.


  • Audited access control for every function


  • Prevent executable files from being sent by email or stored in cache
  • Detect if bulk Bible reading upload is definitely a CSV file
  • Only admin level users can delete the debug log


  • New shortcode for simple mailing list form
  • Mailing list added to Shortcode generator
  • App address list error fixed


  • Confirmed email Thank you page error fix.
  • Contact form email “reply to” goes to contact message questioner
  • Remove extra > from contact message email.
  • Fix broken link in Child Protection module reporting module


  • Fix warning on some sites for address list display
  • Graceful failure message for Mailersend Bulk API send failure.
  • Test email function tests wp_mail and church admin email with graceful messaging of issues.


  • Child Protection incident logging added for Premium version


  • Household images in address section of app.
  • Delete household no longer deletes user account (and therefore posts), but emails admin email to get them to do it.
  • Push messages saving correctly in the app.


  • Calendar single event edit – automatically set the recurrence to single
  • Add rest of series calendar edit option
  • Fix prayer request moderation on app
  • Only show draft prayer requests to moderators on app.
  • Add search to old style address list on app.


  • App bug fixed


  • Spiritual gifts module showable on main menu screen for Standard and Premium Versions
  • Detailed privacy settings applied to address list PDF


  • Address list block – added dropdown selection of church site.
  • Mailersend API added for ease of email sending from Church Admin plugin
  • Warning message if host has disabled mail() stopping email sending
  • Sermons not showing in admin area if no series set fixed.
  • Old style sermon block and shortcode – fix next button not remembering speaker choice.
  • Updated method for Premium version Push sending
  • Fix giving forms not displaying on some premium sites
  • Service booking not showing fixed
  • Push notifications updated for Firebase deprecated API.
  • Twilio SMS replies ordered by latest first
  • Future calendar event delete goes to same month calendar after deletion
  • Fix calendar not saving bug
  • PHP 8.0 fixes
  • Pagination fix for PHP 8.0
  • PDF generation updates for PHP 8.0


  • Registration email templates neatened and previews added
  • Single sermon shortcode fixed
  • Contact form block added
  • Improvements to new entry, confirmation templates
  • Ability to format new user’s username in different ways
  • Register block and short code now has option to show all privacy form fields
  • Fix for Photo permissions PDF crash on some sites.
  • Fix for Individual Attendance CSV download crashing for old PHP versions.


  • Security NONCE added to toggle debug mode.


  • Fix XSS vulnerabilities in [church_admin_map] and [church_admin type=”recent”]


  • Fix crash for non English languages sites on Schedule section


  • Fix crash where schedule trying to show service that has no schedule jobs for it.


  • Fixed email send database error
  • Fixed Individual attendance CSV download bug


  • Fix bug with choosing service for schedules.


  • Module dropdown only shows options for current version level
  • Standard upgrade form shown when version is free or basic


  • Bulk Geocode initial map location set to London if no service location preset
  • Sermon upload/add form tidy


  • My rota page working for Standard and Premium versions


  • Sent emails logs time and date sent now and ordered by newest first
  • Sermon podcast forms – service and series previous choices persist
  • New filter categories added
  • Push messages save in app “Messages” menu item.
  • New app content publish/trash triggers app menu rebuild
  • Updated simplified main email template for 2024
  • Fix update email settings link
  • Improved schedule admin page
  • Confirm email automation only sends if no data protection reason set and no user account connection
  • Registration and new user email settings added to settings menu
  • Fix Quick Household – adding member_type_id
  • Fixed bug in Check for directory issues.
  • Improvements to “Add uploaded file” in media section
  • Fix app edit celendar series event bug
  • Emails handle video embed and buttons blocks


  • Tweaks to email settings


  • Radio choice for MailChimp


  • Quick household menu item added (just first name, last name and email), creates user account so they can edit.
  • Bulk Email MailChimp option made a checkbox for ease of switching off (will be deprecating MailChimp in 2024)
  • Link in SMS section to Twilio not for profit credit scheme
  • Twilio message that “not for profit” impact credit doesn’t show on API credit balance
  • Graceful failure message when email send fails.
  • Fix warning on address list shortcode/block on empty people table.
  • Graceful failure when Vimeo video ID doesn’t exist.
  • Graceful failure when licence check fails to get server response.


  • If SMTP settings saved and previous update was v4.0.14, then set correct method


  • Tidied Email settings Page
  • Better licence checking


  • Clear email queue menu item
  • Fix for emails not sending immediately when using send email on some sites.
  • Twilio not for profit credit link added –


  • Delete me button added to app
  • Fix fatal error for schedule PDF on some sites.
  • Fix app calendar event dropdown bug
  • Fix app calendar edit form not showing correct category
  • Fix copy schedule date not working


  • Fixed individual photos not showing on address list
  • Fixed permissions/role issue with Pastoral Module


  • Added login_form option to [church_admintype=”not-logged-in” login_form=1]


  • Confirm email uses in front end register now uses “confirm email template”
  • GDPR email uses “confirm email template”


  • Fix “Child of …” not showing parent’s names
  • Fix add new calendar event post save shows January 1970 calendar
  • SMTP settings screen password hidden by default


  • Fix “Forgotten Password” button on Our Church App.


  • Anniversaries email fix
  • Bulk emailer bug fix
  • Single sermon bug on old style sermons fixed


  • Reply name and email for sites using SMTP settings for sending email.


  • Added Stripe payment links for Standard and Premium versions.
  • Improved table calendar tooltip
  • Global anniversary email template bug fix


  • Database queries performance improvement.
  • Fix wrong licence showing for some churches


  • Licence check enhancements
  • Fix for email filters when “classes” breaks it.


  • Licence check button added in case you are seeing the wrong version


  • Change in pricing structure for Church Admin – free, standard & premium.
  • Fix email send not using from and reply when SMTP settings have been added.
  • Improve global both anniversary table


  • Fix for app people edit where non specified date of birth/wedding anniversary are saved as today.
  • Fix for front end register, certain permissions not saving correctly
  • Bulk email sends logged in sent emails
  • Spelling correction on gmail less secure apps message


  • Spelling corrections
  • Follow up email template bug fix


  • Communications module shows more detail of how emails are queued.


  • Fixed issue where Queued email wasn’t sending – table truncated


  • Don’t send Push, SMS or email to people marked as inactive
  • Active/Inactive button added to people on display household screen.
  • Email send table shows recipients
  • Improvements to global birthday email
  • Improvements to global birthday and anniversary email


  • Further fix for ICS calendar import
  • Fix PayPal giving form not working on some sites.
  • Fix event booking ‘Add ticket’ button failing if no currency symbol set.


  • Fix ICS calendar import


  • Fix error message for duplicate calendar column fixed
  • Fix people not added to ministry when editing schedule job
  • Initial “Heading” text removed from calendar block/shortcode


  • add reply to information to stored email history
  • extra check before sending global birthday and anniversary email
  • Fix global both date


  • Fix “make everyone visible”


  • More detail automations people counts.


  • Global anniversary and birthday email flag colour corrected
  • Automations – indicate if there any birthdays /anniversaries that day


  • Admin error people form not saving marital status bug fixed
  • Rota settings option to set whether to show that job on as service calendar item (default on)
  • Schedule details added to Calendar list shortcode and block
  • Schedule details added to Calendar shortcode and block
  • Schedule details added to Calendar table shortcode and block
  • Calendar table popup stays visible until different item mouseover


  • Pastoral visits overdue fatal error fixed


  • Fix global both email cron event hook


  • Visit notes link added to pastoral visitation list table


  • Fix cell not showing in app address list


  • Front end register form privacy and communication fixes