This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Activity Log WinterLock


WP System Log / Activity Log Plugin

New most detailed WP User Tracking, Control and Requests Logging Plugin.

You will see very detailed report what people or even other plugins are doing on your site, then block or be alerted on such requests or even logout user immediately.

Detect any request, activity log and control based on specific criteria, lock, block, email alert, hide etc.

Working based on low level logging, can log any user request. This may help you to monitor any user, any plugin and investigate possible problems.

Plugin is made with performance in mind, build on optimized custom tables.

Just install it and everything will work without any special setup.

If you have any trouble or suggestion feel free to contact us, we always looking for improvements:

Now we have also official website:

And GitHub Knowledge Base:

System Log Standard Features:

  • Very detailed requests log
  • Detail Search Filters
  • User Steps Behaviour Tracking
  • Works with all plugins
  • Track specific user requests history
  • Hide logs by criteria
  • General Search Filter
  • Detail Search Filters
  • Fast pagination with Ajax
  • Disable User Sessions/Logout user
  • User Login Time and Session Time in WP
  • See Logged Users
  • Favorite / Save Logs for later usage
  • Retroactive History System Log Before Plugin is installed
  • Retroactive History System Log Export
  • View changes in posts revision
  • Will log all requests in any plugin
  • Intrusion detection system

System Log Premium features:

  • All level logs
  • Email Notifications
  • Block System
  • Unlimited days logging
  • Block users on fail login attemps
  • Log reports and exports
  • Automated Reports by Email
  • Automated Events by SMS
  • Login alert by SMS, WhatsApp or Email
  • Live Monitoring
  • Cloud integration
  • Priority Support
  • Log By User Role
  • Sessions CSV Export
  • Automatically disable brute force attack on login forms
  • Export User Login Time and Session Time in WP

We using images and apis from to show plugin details


  1. Go to Dashboard, Update


  • System Log View Page
  • Log details and tracking history example
  • Report configuration
  • Cloud configuration


  1. Visit ‘Plugins > Add New’
  2. Search for ‘’
  3. Install and activate the plugin


What System Log WinterLock do better then other Logging plugins?

You can control user requests by specific criteria

Much faster and free filtering options

Manage User Sessions and Logout users even in free version

Can log any requests even if you have level 0 enabled any request

Not related to other plugin, because logging in low level under WP

Retroactive History System Log Before Plugin is installed

And much more…

How to hide specific System Log requests

Click on WinterLock->Activity Log->Click on Eye icon for wanted log->Define rules and click save

How to detect changes in files

System Log will detect all file changes inside WP in WinterLock->Activity Log, clicking on view you can see user posted file data in parameters

How to detect who deactivate which plugin

System Log will detect all plugin activations and deactivations inside WP in WinterLock->Activity Log, clicking on view you can see user and plugi nrelated data in parameters

You need support?

Inside System Log plugin, so clicking on WinterLock->Contact you can ask for support or

If you have any trouble or suggestion feel free to contact us, we always looking for improvements:

Does System Log storing logs in my database?

Yes all System logs will be stored in optimized custom tables, with performance in mind

In premium version you can also export, report or store in Cloud

Are there any issues installing System Log WinterLock plugin?

No, we don’t know for any issue right now, but if you found any, please inform us immediately, we will do our best to solve it as soon possible


December 15, 2022 1 reply
A few days ago I installed it. From what little I’ve been able to see, it provides excellent information, much more comprehensive than other similar plugins. I still haven’t found the way to import the visit statistics, possibly I don’t know it well and I can’t find the right option… I’m going to study it a bit these days and any questions I’ll come back to, thank you very much for this plugin. Greetings.
July 8, 2022 1 reply
Thanks for this plugin it is far much better than any other logs plugin on wordpress it is simple to use and showing all needed information and have most features on free plan. I have actually paid for lifetime plan for supporting purpose only thank you again! and just ignore that 1 star review you don’t deserve that.
November 2, 2020 2 replies
I think I tried all the activity logging plugins out there, looking for one that could precisely track all development changes on my site. Apparently something about wordpress architecture makes this very difficult, because none of them could track everything. This one came closest though. This free version has real utility, which is a nice change from some of the bait and switch freemium plugins around here these days. But I found the premium turned on a few extra capabilities that I wanted, so since it was cheap, I went that route.
July 26, 2020 1 reply
I needed an activity log to keep track of changes made my editors and other users with custom roles for a social club website. I tried several before finding one that mostly met our needs. Then I came across this plugin and was extremely impressed. I personally find the layout much cleaner and easier read than other solutions. This free version does more than the other free plugins I’ve tried.
June 15, 2020 1 reply
The plugin goes very deep. We’ve just tried the free version but so far very impressed. We plan to subscribe for a paid plan. The plugin looks relatively new but it offers more than other activity log plugins with hundreds of thousands downloads(!!!). It helps you track everything that happens on the admin page. I hope this plugin keep developing to become only better. Good job, guys!
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Contributors & Developers

“Activity Log WinterLock” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • SEO improvements
  • Rebranding
  • Vendor updated


  • SEO improvements, rebranding


  • PHP 8.2 compatibility fix
  • Update libs used and test with latest wp/php


  • Update libs used and test with latest wp/php


  • Update libs used and test with latest wp/php

1.0.16 – 1.0.21

  • Improvements on ip validation/sanitisation


  • Fixes related to php 8


  • Added support php 8
  • Fix conflicts styles with third party plugins
  • Added feature for clear all log data in settings


  • Updated unblock function, remove also sessions which disable multiple logins
  • Fixed failed login detection issue with special characters like “<“
  • On logout enable any ip login immediately when using this feature


  • Block multiple logins from different ip to disable logi ncredential sharing for paid content like courses, LMS or similar
  • Fix issues related to blocking, alerting, reporting functionality


  • Filters moved to top
  • Settings option to reduce space in rows, to show more logs on display
  • Columns now possible to hide
  • Video tutorials moved to top right as button


  • Fix with date fields in report
  • Fix support for trial mode
  • Improvements on retroactive history analyze
  • Timezone fix in Sessions


  • Predefine rules for specific actions
  • Retroactive History System Log before plugin is installed
  • Small fixes related to new PHP version
  • Updating mechanism troubles solved


  • Hotfix, for path issue on linux from version 1.0.7


  • Popup for log details on requests log
  • In cloud integration, added feature to save into external database
  • Disable block your own username in sessions
  • Log by specific user role settings and control alerts fixes
  • Wordfence Login Security 2FA compatibility added
  • Character limit now supports also array POST vars
  • Export/Generate Report button added on requests log
  • Review reminder after 2 weeks of usage


  • Datepicker for dates in filter
  • In user sessions added button to show all activities related to user
  • SMS notifications alerts with Clickatell services API
  • WhatsApp notifications alerts with Clickatell services API
  • SMS notifications alerts with services API
  • SMS notifications alerts with services API
  • In settings add option to hide widget in dash
  • Log by specific user role settings
  • Sessions CSV Export


  • Save Filters feature
  • Session block username
  • Cloud integration testing page
  • Unblock link now possible to download directly
  • Levels description on reports and cloud
  • Save as Favourite better description
  • Mod php sockets better description
  • Search placeholder
  • Translation for Croatian
  • Level description on view logs
  • Link on log description while track user
  • Dash widget fix
  • Block user login by username in sessions
  • Layout fixes
  • fix function wmvc_show_data on array


  • Checkbox for disable hints/questions/videos in settings
  • Roles added and possible to select more roles with access in settings
  • Session time calculation fix


  • Add videos in WP Dashboard
  • Reports improvement search by description
  • Session export and session time added for client
  • Some fixes related to cloud log and reports
  • Reduce size
  • Layout improvements
  • Log Filtering more intuitive


  • Custom design added to System Log Plugin related pages, nice table, button colors and layout improvements
  • Also possible to enable this custom design in complete WP dash
  • Buttons for hide/block/favourites/remove System Log now added also to System Log edit page
  • We started official website , Facebook Group and Twitter


  • Activation issue on some servers


  • Init release