g-FFL Cockpit


Built by a FFL, for FFL’s. This plugin will synchronize site inventory and automate order fulfillment with multiple firearm distributors.

It was built to support our businesses, and we know it will help yours. Please contact us at sales@garidium.com before purchasing a license key so we can discuss your needs.

Feature Highlights:

  1. Configure 1-to-many supported distributors and feed products into your WooCommerce website.
  2. We currently support over a dozen distributors and counting..
  3. Fulfillment automation, to automate Drop-shipping Workflow
  4. Fulfillment automation includes monitoring distributors for shipping updates, and notifying both you and your customer.
  5. This plugin also supports feeding product to Gunbroker, Gun.Deals, WikiArms, and AmmoSeek
  6. Inventory and Listings are then updated every 20-minutes to ensure quantity and pricing are updated continuously.
  7. Easily set pricing and listing options, along with configuring the inclusion/exclusion of specific items.
  8. Keep your customers updated on the order status with configurable email templates
  9. View a report of all items being listed, including pricing from each distributor, there is also an Excel export.
  10. Works tightly with the g-FFL Checkout plugin to automatically mark firearms as requiring FFL selection during checkout.
  11. Integrated Help Videos and Help Center
  12. Integrated Log files, so you can monitor the status of your inventory synchronization
  13. Fulfillment Reports

API Subscription Required

While the plugin is free to download and install, it does require you to purchase a license for a personalized API key. We also have a one-time setup fee. The plugin will not be useful without this key. The API key allows the plugin to connect to the required data services, providing the following features:

  1. Access to a data services we manage that synchronizes distributor product data
  2. Ability to create fulfillment orders

To purchase a key, visit the g-FFL Cockpit product page:

g-FFL Cockpit Product Page

Please review our Terms and Conditions:

Terms and Conditions


  • The configuration tab shows an editor, where distributors and pricing settings can be configured.
  • You can also see a full listing of products imported from the distributors configured, along with the automated price settings.


  1. Search for the plugin in the marketplace
  2. Click on “Install Now”
  3. Click on “Activate”
  4. Click on the “g-FFL Cockpit” link in the admin panel
  5. Fill in the following information:
    • g-FFL Cockpit API Key
    • Configure Distributor and Pricing in the “Configuration” Tab
    • View the “Product Feed” to validate your configuration and make adjustments as needed.
  6. Click on “Save Changes”


Why is this plugin better than the alternatives?

  • It was built by a FFL, actively used by that FFL. I know what the industry needs, especially those first starting out with smaller budgets.
  • The data services are built on state-of-the-art cloud-based technologies hosted on Amazon Web Services. This basically means that downtime will be minimal, and performance will be consistent.
  • The plugin has features specifically needed for an FFL business.


March 7, 2024
I wanted to move my business to a platform where I have more control. G-FFL allowed me to do that. This plugin is solid and doesn’t place a lot of load on my servers. Support is great. Highly recommended.
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Contributors & Developers

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Interested in development?

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  1. v1.4.5 Modal popup bug fixes
  2. v1.4.4 Fixed compatibility issues with modal styling and also changed the product feed tab to require input before initial loading
  3. v1.4.3 Added more help notes and distinguished distributors that are product feed only
  4. v1.4.1 Changes for initial view when customer has no key, and also fixed a modal Bug.
  5. v1.4.0 Fancy new user interface, which is hopefully a much better experience.
  6. v1.3.11 Added configuration validator to Configuration Tab
  7. v1.3.10 Bug Fix for Fulfillment History Download button
  8. v1.3.9 More Minor Cosmetic changes on Product Feed, added MAP in table
  9. v1.3.8 Minor Cosmetic changes on Product Feed
  10. v1.3.7 Fixed minor formatting issue (repeating table header) on Distributor order details view
  11. v1.3.6 Distributor Orders Listed on the WooCommerce Order Details view, now show SKU’s/UPC’s and the PO associated to the order
  12. v1.3.4 Minor updates to support adding additional distributors, plus changed message on product admin panel
  13. v1.3.3 Ship-to-Store Beta, Recategorization of Products on Admin Tab in product view, Gunbroker Order reprocessing capability, Dynamic Schema Loading
  14. v1.2.24 Update to support product attribute restrictions
  15. v1.2.23 Schema validation updates
  16. v1.2.22 Schema validation updates, to allow for negative percentage price adjustments
  17. v1.2.21 Added a button to send test emails, for refining customer notifications
  18. v1.2.20 Bug fixes for the last change, so user can set key properly
  19. v1.2.19 Firefox Bug Resolved, you can now save your config in Firefox
  20. v1.2.18 New configuration items for update_batch_count and automated_fulfillment in Woo Target
  21. v1.2.17 Minor Maintenance Updates
  22. v1.2.16 Fixed JSON schema issue for Sports South credential configuration
  23. v1.2.15 HPOS Compatibility and Schema validation changes
  24. v1.2.14 Updated validation schema for fulfillment and product restrictions
  25. v1.2.13 Style Sheet tweaks, JSON Schema updates
  26. v1.2.12 Added MAP brand exclusion feature
  27. v1.2.11 Added additional product classes
  28. v1.2.10 Changed menu icon, modified wording on Zanders Add FFL to hold order process
  29. v1.2.9 Added Sports South and update Manufacturers List
  30. v1.2.8 WordPress compliance 6.3, added schema validatiaon updates for configuration
  31. v1.2.7 Modified Gunbroker configuration requirements
  32. v1.2.6 Updated manufacturer list
  33. v1.2.5 Better handling for new setups in loading configuration file from server
  34. v1.2.4 More minor updates to fulfillment tab
  35. v1.2.3 Minor updates to fulfillment tab
  36. v1.2.2 Minor change on fulfillment processing, passing through order source
  37. v1.2.1 Added some helpers for brand and product class settings in the configuration
  38. v1.2.0 (Beta) Fulfillment and Automated-Fulfillment now available for (Lipseys. Zanders, RSR, and Chattanooga)
  39. v1.1.2 (Testing Only) Added Fulfillment Ordering via Order Details View
  40. v1.0.8 (Testing Only) Added Fulfillment Section to Order Details to view options for Fulfillment
  41. v1.0.7 Added Help Center
  42. v1.0.6 Logging tab improvements, and on-demand loaging for products and logs
  43. v1.0.5 Logging now visible in Log Tab
  44. v1.0.4 Bug Fixes
  45. v1.0.2 Added gun.deals RSS Feed Support
  46. v1.0.1 Added a Load Config Button to reload configuration from database
  47. v1.0.0 Initial Release of the g-FFL Cockpit Plugin